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Fast door of food processing production workshop

     This Shanghai fast door is mostly suitable for food or medical workshops where the interior of the space needs to be kept dust-free, clean, constant temperature and humidity, and ensure the production environment of the product. Taking into account the more humane and convenient aspects, the fast door curtain is soft and elastic. The patented design makes the door curtain free of any metal rods or other places that cause dust accumulation. The door body is easy to clean, and the installation space is small. The temperature is stable and high-speed opening and closing is guaranteed. Constant indoor and outdoor temperature and temperature difference, and the quality of processed food.

    In order to better apply the unique switch design and multi-door interlocking function in the food factory, the cycle of opening and closing the door is greatly shortened, and the temperature loss is reduced. Patented track technology provides a tight sealing performance for the edge of the entire door curtain.

     Secondly, the two sides of the curtain of Shanghai fast door are fixed on the uniquely designed and flexible guide rail. The curtain and the guide rail are completely engaged, which realizes the low energy loss from both sides of the door body. Shanghai Express Door optimizes the production process by saving time and speed. Its derail self-reset function ensures that the door body can work uninterrupted after being hit. This solution not only saves time, but also improves energy efficiency.