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Serang Door Industry(Suzhou) Co., Ltd

Serang as the major brand supplier of high-class industial door, we are the supplier of many Fortune 500s like: P&G, Unilever, Mercedes Benz, Auchan and etc. We are also in good cooperation relationship with CNPC, COFCO, CSR, YTO, EMS, SGCC and etc. We are also providing DowCorning, ABB, Guhring, AXALTA, Acmecn, Want want, Mater Kong, UIN-President with our products and services.

At present,Serang is dominated by senior industry expert technical team, more than 7 years experience, 12 international and domestic product certifications,15 patents,17500 SQM production factory, over 1200 customers, 1500000 insurance from Ping An. We are offering multiple security products.

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Serang Door lndustry(Suzhou)Co.,Ltd

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