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The high zipper door exported Indonesia from China SEPPES

The recent Indonesian company production workshop zipper fast door project is also successful, the customer Through the remote guidance of the SEPPES Engineer, it is assembled by themselves, only for two hours, it is installed. It is necessary to know that the customer does not assemble the foundation. It is mainly because SEPPES fast door product has been put on the customer. Curtains, coupled with the unique portable assembly of SEPPES products, allowing customers to easily assemble more than much power


In addition to the characteristics of portable assembly, SEPPES is also available in portable assembly, and there is a variety of unique design. The rails use high-quality zippers. It should not be damaged. It can effectively prevent mosquitoes from entering inside, reducing internal and external air convection, automatic mechanical cutting Make the material overall cut surface precision, safe and easy to clean; laser construction integrally, the whole door panel "fold" into the door box, imported plastic flour orange skin spray, beautiful and atmospheric. German brand control system and high-precision servo motor, start-stopping accurate, accurate manipulation.


SEPPES door industry has 17500m2 production venues, dozens of automatic machine equipment, more than 100 service outlets, all over the country, more than 30 overseas dealers, provide quality services to foreign customers, more than 60 The choice of the world's top 500 companies, more than 2,000 enterprises, choose a good zipper, and choose SEPPES.