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Insulation fast cold storage door

Insulation Cold Storage Door Features:

Opening speed:1.2-2.5m/s

High sealing, energy saving and high efficiency

Zipper structure patented technology and BEAD curtain technology combined with high sealing performance to achieve maximum energy saving

Self-repair, saving maintenance costs

When the insulation cold storage door is misaligned due to an impact, the "re-embedding" patented technology means that the derailment automatic repair system will automatically reset to the original state without any manual or external force, effectively reducing maintenance time and saving usage costs.

Very high security

The SEPPES insulation cold storage door curtain is soft and flexible, and the bottom of the door does not bear any weight, ensuring that in an emergency, even if the operator is not protected, it will not cause injury if it hits the door.

Push Pull dual shaft system

The unparalleled safety record and absolute tightness lies in the Push-Pull dual shaft system. The traditional fast door closing relies on the load at the bottom of the door curtain to achieve, while SERANG can drive a dual-rotation system and make it perfectly mesh with the sprocket on the door curtain. The door can be closed quickly without relying on its own weight. A patented technology avoids the use of dangerous and hard parts.