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High Speed Industrial Doors

    What are high speed doors?

    High speed doors are pretty much self-descriptive! They're faster versions of conventional door systems such as roller doors, sectional door, PVC fabric door, or roller shutter. In order to operate at speed, the design of the high speed door is critical to ensure longevity of parts, most efficient energy consumption, and reliability in high usage.

    High speed doors are typically designed to integrate with the traffic movements within your organisation, whether that be pedestrian traffic, forklifts, vehicles or automated conveyors. For this reason, it is critical to scope the design and selection of the high speed door and ancillary activation systems to best match the traffic characteristics, and avoid costly collisions. A key requirement is that they open very fast and close slowly.

    Manufacturers may install other features to serve this purpose. For example, SEPPES has an integrated traffic warning system that alerts the driver, via flashing LED lights, when a door is about to close.

    Some versions use a spiral guiding system, which keeps the door blade apart through a whole operating cycle. Also, a counterbalance system sometimes forms part of the door's construction. It is designed with spring or weight mechanisms in the side frames so that the opening smoother and that there is an emergency opening function.

Where are high speed doors used?

    By ensuring doors are kept closed for the maximum time, with good perimeter sealing when closed, energy and temperature losses through doorways can be reduced, optimum operating rythyms can be achieved, and cross contamination risks can be minimised. However, in a facility with significant traffic movements, be it pedestrians, forklifts or trucks, maintaining closed doors without serious disruption to your operations can be an Operations Managers nightmare!