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Frequently Asked Questions about Fast Rolling Doors

    1. The brake slip problem of fast rolling door

    a. Reason: The compression spring force is reduced. Solution: Replace the spring.

    b. Reason: The brake pads of the fast rolling door are stained with oil.


     Solution: Clean with gasoline.


    2. the troubleshooting of the motor of the fast rolling door does not start,


    a.The wire is broken. Solution: Find the connected wire.

    b.The relay coil is broken or oxidized and contaminated. Solution: Replace the relay or polish the contacts.

    c The normally closed contact of the limit switch is not open. Solution: Polish the contacts or replace the limit switch.

    d. The bridge rectifier is broken or the electromagnetic coil is broken, and the brake is stuck. Solution: Replace the bridge rectifier or electromagnetic coil.

     e. Overheating protection fails. Solution: Replace the overheat protector.

     f. The running capacitor is damaged. Solution: Replace the running capacitor.

     g. The continuous running time is too long and the thermal protection is disconnected.


    Solution: Reduce the motor temperature.