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Fast rolling shutter door used in air shower room

  The air shower is the channel that must be passed through when entering the clean room, which can reduce the pollution caused by entering and leaving the clean room. The most suitable installation here is the fast rolling shutter. A food processing company that once exported to Australia bought our fast rolling shutter doors. At the same time, it also affirms the effect and quality of our products.

  The functions of the fast rolling door include sealing, dustproof, insect proof, sound insulation, odor isolation, etc., which are equivalent to the first level of guarding the clean room. And our door frame is equipped with an innovative double-row card seat type sealing brush, which forms a four-sided air-tight structure with the U-shaped bottom edge and the one-piece door head sealing box, and the fast partition effect is better. You don't need to worry about the door curtain. We choose the imported brand PVC high-strength base cloth door curtain with self-cleaning function on the surface, which is wear-resistant, tear-resistant, strong and impact-resistant, and has a longer service life.

  At present, SEPPES has a total of five brands in joint operation, based on the field of industrial products and industrial equipment, to promote the development of industrial Internet of Things technology and the entire industry chain. The technical team is led by senior experts in the industry, with more than 7 years of professional experience per capita, with 15 authoritative product standard certifications, nearly 20 patents for various inventions and technologies, and 15 are pending.