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How to install fast doors in welding workshops to isolate welding fumes

    Therefore, the countermeasure that many car companies think of is to install fast doors to isolate the smoke and dust. How to isolate them, the answer is given below.      

     1. Excellent airtightness, effectively isolating the internal and external environment, not letting any smoke and dust go, and maintaining a good environment for the outside.

     2. Fast switch, improve traffic efficiency, and reduce the time for internal smoke and dust to flow out each time when entering and exiting.

     3. The intelligent sensing device can realize unmanned intelligent linkage switch, which is convenient and safe.

      The above is the help for daily use after installing the fast door in the welding workshop. Compared with the ordinary partition door, it has the characteristics of intelligence, convenience, safety and good effect. It is very suitable for the installation of the welding workshop of the car company. If you want to find a For the brands of related cases, you can look at SEPPES, the designated brand of automobile companies such as Geely, Chery, Ford, Volkswagen, Foton Lovol, and Higer. For detailed parameters and quotations, please contact customer service.