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Use of PVC high speed door in medical workshops

The pharmaceutical purification workshop ensures the cleanliness and safety of the production environment by using interlocking PVC high speed door. This efficient access control system can effectively prevent the intrusion of pollution sources and ensure that hygiene and quality requirements during the production process are met. At the same time, with its high-speed operation and automation features, it can provide barrier-free flow of people and materials, ensuring the smooth flow of the production process. The role of interlocking PVC high speed door in purification workshops.

1. Prevent pollution and maintain a closed state. The lifting speed of PVC fast door is very fast, which can reduce the air circulation inside and outside the workshop and prevent external pollutants from entering the workshop. The double-door interlocking function ensures that only one door can be opened at a time and the other door remains airtight, thus completely isolating the inflow of outside air and preventing cross-contamination.

2. Maintain constant temperature and humidity to achieve automatic entry and exit. The PVC fast door has the characteristics of high speed and sealing, which can maintain constant temperature and humidity inside the workshop. At the same time, it can also sense people and vehicles to achieve barrier-free entry and exit.

3. Prevent rust and corrosion, safe and reliable. The PVC fast door of the medical purification workshop adopts a 304 stainless steel frame, which has excellent anti-oxidation and corrosion resistance. This can prevent paint corrosion caused by long-term use. In addition, the fast door is also equipped with infrared photoelectric protection device to protect the safety of people entering and exiting.

Interlocking PVC high speed door in purification workshops are not only suitable for the pharmaceutical industry, but are also widely used in food processing, electronic manufacturing, chemical industry and other fields. Its excellent sealing performance, anti-contamination features and safety protection devices make it ideal for meeting stringent cleanliness requirements.