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Application of stacking high speed door in industry

Stacking high speed door can be used for high-speed and frequent use in various types of indoor and outdoor space separation and general manufacturing or logistics facilities. It adopts folding high-speed lifting and built-in horizontal wind-resistant rod design so that the wind pressure can be evenly distributed on the entire door curtain.

1. Quick opening, stacked opening and closing, opening speed 0.5-0.8m/s.

2. Insulation and energy saving. The quick opening and closing function of the door can improve the cooling and heating insulation effect in summer and winter, reduce energy loss and save energy.

3. Sealed and isolated, the bottom is equipped with an elastic PVC base cloth air seal, which can be precisely combined with various uneven floors. The track seal uses a unique double-layer brush to increase better sealing. The unique sealing system and efficient sealing method can block the exchange of hot and cold wind to the greatest extent, prevent the entry of external dust and insects, and effectively isolate the spread of hope and noise.

4. Safety performance. The door frame and door box are made of 2.0mm thick high-quality painted steel with good anti-corrosion and anti-rust properties.

Stacking high speed door has good wind resistance and also have various advantages of roller-type high-speed rolling shutter doors. It is suitable for professional rapid doors on the exterior walls of various types of buildings with large areas and long spans, as well as those with high requirements for frequent logistics.